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Military History Presentations

Attend one of our 'Beyond the Battlefield' military history-related presentations.


The KTMW Board re-commenced their series of military history-related talks (called ‘Beyond the Battlefield’) in 2023. More talks are planned for 2024.

The presentations have a military history focus, including the PNG/Kokoda campaigns.


The talks are on Saturday mornings, and are approximately an hour in duration, and are held in the Ralph Honner Kokoda Education Centre, where a small admission charge ($5.00) applies to members of the public. If you are a Friend of Kokoda (FoK), admission is free. Light refreshments will also be available.

See here for transport options to the Walkway.

Please arrive 30 minutes before the talk is due to commence.

RSVPs: those FoK attending should email

Payment: all non-FoK should complete the payment form (which will be updated soon for the 2024 series).

If you have any questions, comments or feedback/suggestions (after attending a talk) please contact us.

All talks are open to the public for a small charge, and free for ‘Friends of Kokoda’ (FoK) members.

RSVPs: if a FoK indicate your attendance by the due date to


Our 2023 talk series has now finished. Thank you to those FoK and others who attended the three talks this year – we appreciate your support!

2024 Update

We plan to hold up to six talks in 2024, commencing in February.

Speakers will include Dr Tom Lewis (midget submarine attack in Sydney), John Tannock (establishing the Oivi/Gorari battle monument), John Hall (odd and bizarre military history facts) and Dr Jan McLeod (topic TBA). Further details will be announced soon.

The Walkway thanks Big Sky Publishing (publishers of Dr McLeod’s and Dr Cameron’s titles) for their support. A range of their publications will be prizes on the days!


Past presentations:

  • Dr Jan McLeod: ‘Stout-hearted men’ (1:16mins). Dr McLeod’s talk focussed on the photographs and diary writings of Private Lawrence Nicholas (Nick) Kennedy, and his experiences in Papua with the understrength 2/4 Australian Field Ambulance.
  • John Hall (KTMW Project Officer): ‘Game to Give it a Go’: the Italian POW Rural Labour Scheme in Australia 1943-1945. (1:20mins) Faced with a labour crisis across many rural industries, the Commonwealth Government decided to use Italian POWs who had been transported to Australia following the capture of massive numbers of Italian forces in North Africa in 1940/41. From mid-1943 until late 1945, farmers in many districts employed former Italian soldiers to help with their labour needs.
  • Dr David W. Cameron: The other Isurava – the Battle for Abuari’ (58m 41s) Dr Cameron’s talk focused on the lesser-known, but just as vicious and costly battle at Abuari, east of Isurava in late August 1942.

Talks in 2024




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