Function Area Bookings

You are welcome to book the covered function area, with or without the BBQs

Book our fully-equipped covered function area.

The Walkway and the gardens can be enjoyed by all, free of charge, on any day of the week.

Types of functions/availaibility of facilities

If you would like to use the undercover function area for a party, celebration, reunion or other event our covered function area is available for hire on any day, including weekends (although our office is not open on weekends).

Bookings cannot be made on days when we conduct commemorative services, so please check beforehand for these dates.


Bookings are essential, and a $100.00 fee will apply (the fee applies if you wish to use the function area and/or the BBQs).

If the function area cannot be used due to inclement weather, payment will be held in credit for your next booking. If this occurs please email, and we will confirm the credit for you.

Conditions of Use

Please read and understand the Function Area Conditions of Use, noting the items or equipment that cannot be used.

Facilities available

The covered area has seating, two BBQs, lighting, power outlets and rubbish bins. The covered area accommodates up to 70 people comfortably. Nearby are toilets, parking options and a community garden/play area. The Walkway is also wheelchair accessible, and there are disabled toilets at the Education Centre, however the centre is open Monday to Friday 10.00am to 2.00pm, except public holidays, and not on weekends.

Catering for any function is the responsibility of the user.

When finished, please remove all rubbish and consider the environment by not using balloons or plasticware, reducing food waste and the like.

How to provisionally book

Use the Function Area Booking Form below to provisionally book these facilities. Once confirmed, please then use the Function Area Payment form, but please do not make payment until your proposed date is confirmed.

The fee must be paid before the date of your event. When you receive an email confirmation, please print this off and bring it with you on the day.

Where do funds go?

All funds raised using the covered function area are used to improved the facilities at the Walkway.

Enjoy your visit and remember that the Walkway is a living memorial. Ensure you clean up after your visit and remain respectful at all times while at the Walkway.


Function Area Booking Form

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  1. Bookings will NOT be accepted when we hold commemorative events.
  2. Please submit this at least 2 business days in advance of your proposed booking date.
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Function Area Payment Form

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While entry to the Walkway and the gardens is free, the function area can be booked for a fee on any day, including weekends.



















Forms to provisionally book and pay for the covered function area


The Walkway’s success is dependent on the goodwill and services of many volunteers. You may wish to support the Walkway by becoming a volunteer, joining the Friends of Kokoda or by donating