Oral Histories

interviews with Kokoda Veterans

These interviews are in some cases quite graphic and may upset some listeners. The audio files are by their nature large and may take some time to download.

Norm Ensor Telephone communication on the track (6 mins)

Bill Jenkins – Experiences at Templeton’s Crossing battle, Oivi and Gorari (19 mins)

Fred Cassidy – The campaign from the Air Force perspective (9 mins)

George Fetterplace and Bill Napper – Artillery Support (9 mins)

Henry Pearce – Isurava, Myola, supply lines, battle conditions (22 mins)

Reg Markham – Attacking, defending and holding Kokoda, Deniki and Isurava (16 mins)

Basil Catterns – Detailed description of the capture of a mountain gun (13 mins)

Jack Stevens – Sanananda, the Americans, deployed as a runner (12 mins)

Jim Bell – Ioribaiwa, Templeton’s Crossing battle (24 mins)

Norm Pfoefer – Templeton’s Crossing, fighting on the track, difficulties (10 mins)

Don Oughtred – Templeton’s Crossing, Eora Creek, conditions and casualties (7 mins)

Keith Irwin – Sanananda with the 36th Battalion , Christmas Day, Mortar platoon action, Gona, A Lieutenant Colonel acts as number 2 on Keith’s machine gun (12 mins)

Bruce Robertson – Battles at Ioribaiwa, Gorari and Oivi (9 mins)

Lloyd Birdsall and Doug Thompson – Experiences in the signals section (6 mins)